Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fresh and Clean Grilled Chicken Salad

Today I am sharing the best chicken salad I've made to date!  I wish I could publish a scratch and sniff blog so you could see how amazing it smells.  It helps that my husband definitely qualifies for the title of Grill Master, so I got to start with some really yummy grilled chicken.   Also, if you've read some of my other recipes you may notice that I tend to use Avocado where you would typically use mayonnaise.  Avocado adds the same creamy texture, and works just as well as a binder as mayo does.  Avocado is just much healthier than mayo, and it also helps keep your dish light and fresh. 

Ingredients:                                                                         Serves 1

1 Grilled chicken drumstick (I used one left over from a dinner)
3 cherry tomatos
1 tbs diced scallions
1/8 cup diced green bell pepper (I used green but use any color you like)
10 Hamburger dill sliced pickles
1/4 ripe avocado
Salt and pepper to taste

My husband made grilled chicken drumsticks for dinner last night, and I used one of those for this salad.  I just pulled the meat off the bone with my fingers and roughly chopped it into smallish chunks.  I cut each cherry tomoato into 8 chunks.  I am definitely a fan of dill pickles, so I used 10 hamburger slices and I just roughly cut them into chunks. 
Add the chicken, chopped tomaotos, scallions, bell pepper, pickles and salt and pepper to a bowl.  Mash the avocado separately then add to the salad mixture and mix all the ingredients together well.  In the picture I've served mine on Orowheat Dark Rye Bread that was lightly toasted.  You can use any bread, crackers, or spoon you'd like!

Many of my recipes show that they only serve one.  I often make these dishes to have as breakfast (as in the gourmet egg salad) or lunch for my work day, so I only make enough for myself. Of course they can be doubled, tripled, etc if you want to feed more than just you!  Also by not using the mayo this dish isn't as refrigerator sensitive as a salad with mayo would be.  Whenever possible I like to let foods I'm not planning to heat just sit on my desk until my lunch.  When your ingredients have had a chance to hang out together at room temperature all the flavors will meld together so much better. 

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