Friday, April 5, 2013

Gourmet? Egg Salad

I must say this healthy eating choice really has my cooking creative juices flowing.  Today I have for you a great idea for some of those hard boiled eggs you may have left over from Easter. 

This super yummy, and healthy, egg salad only has 5 ingredients; Eggs, avocado (instead of the traditional mayo), tomatos, purple onion, and capers.  Now I know I said I wouldn't be using anything expensive or hard, and I have to say that I promise Capers are not as intimidating as they sound.  If you've never had one I suggest you find somewhere in your area that has a bulk olive bar, and ask for a sample.  These briny little delights add a perfect salty crunchy element to your dishes, and they are soooo good.  If you don't have a grocer with an olive bar you can buy them in jars in the isle with the pickled stuff.  They come in little jars (I believe I paid $2.99 for the jar I have, which I got at Sprouts), but a little jar goes a long way.  I ate my egg salad for breakfast on top of half a toasted English muffin, but of course you can use crackers or any bread you'd like.  My friend ate the little bit I had left in the container I brought it to work in with just a spoon!  Now that I've got you, hopefully, drooling over the picture please see the recipe below it.


4 Hard Boiled Eggs
1/2 an avocado
1/4 cup chopped fresh tomato (any kind of tomato you like)
1 Tbs finely chopped purple onion (adjust to your taste, and you can use any onion I like the purple for the color)
1 heaping tsp capers


Chop your hard boiled eggs like you would for any normal egg salad.  Mash half the avocado and combine with the eggs.  Add the chopped tomatos, chopped onion, and capers.  Mix all the ingredients well.  Finish with a bit of fresh ground black pepper (the capers will take care of the salt you'd want)

Serve on toast, crackers, or eat with a spoon!

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