Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alexander the Elephant!

For those of you who don't know, I am a crocheter.  That is the one with one hook, the two pointy needles is knitting.  I learned how to do a granny square in an art class when I was in Junior High, but that was all I was ever taught.  So though I've technically been crocheting for almost 20 years now, up until this past summer its never been anything but granny squares or rectangles I could make with a double stitch.  In August I decided that wasn't good enough.  I got myself on You Tube and I watched some videos on the other common stitches and I ran with it!!! Since August I've made 2 different kinds of flowers, a star, a coffee mug cozie, a blanket that covers the top of a queen sized bed, a cat, and now most recently the adorable little Elephant you see in this post!!!  His name is Alexander the elephant, and he is part my friend Becca's Christmas presnet!

I got this pattern from a really great site.  its if you're interested.  Its a crochet/knitters community type site and there are so many great ideas and patterns on there!  I am going to start a Llama for a friend (part of his Christmas present) today from a pattern I got on there, and after that its going to be a Frankenstein for my son, also from ravelry.  I will post when I finish them for you all to see.  :)

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