Friday, December 21, 2012

My Christmas

Typically I am a Christmas Grinch. I don't even pretend that I like the massive crowds of rude people that are EVERYWHERE, the earliness the Christmas thing start showing up in the stores (no one needs an inflatable snowman in July), or how the meaning of Christmas is so easily lost in the thoughts of what am I getting among my long list of reasons the Holiday annoys me.

That being said, for some reason year has been different for me. I don't know if the change is cause my son is old enough to understand presents, cause my amazing husband gets so excited about it, or if it's cause this year I decided to hand make most of my presents and Christmas cards. Maybe it's some combination of them all? I've enjoyed shopping for the presents I've purchased. I've enjoyed the lights, and songs. I've very much enjoyed the baking. I've also very much enjoyed presenting my friends with boxes of home made baked goods, homemade sugar scrubs, homemade bath salts, and a few crocheted goodies.

I just know something is different this year. Christmas has been warm and cozy to me this time around. It feels weird to be excited about it, but I like it.

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